PotD: 100 Days of Good Luck

FullSizeRenderI found this dollar bill outside Hicks Hall the other day. It’s special to me for reasons I won’t go into here; suffice to say that I singled it out from the endless, anonymous flow of our monetary system (or at least that system’s material tags) as meaningful and worthy of preservation — whatever preservation might mean in the digital era. Just as some business owners frame the first payment they received, public sign of their humble beginnings, I post today’s image to mark my own new start.

Or who knows: maybe I am part of the the anonymous flow and this singular object, stamped as it is with its own serial number, chose me.

2 thoughts on “PotD: 100 Days of Good Luck

    • Mike, you remain my most loyal reader — perhaps my only reader at this point! You know how goddamn far this blog has fallen in Google’s page rank? Given the prolonged silences I tend to lapse into, I’m loath to make any promises regarding “reactivation” … but yeah, I’d like to get back in the game. Always appreciate seeing you here.

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